Dames Ferry is a proud 
2016 Title I Reward School!

High Progress Reward School

A High-Progress Reward School is among the top ten percent of Title I schools in the State that are making the most progress in improving the performance of the “all students” group over a number of years on the statewide assessments.

Upcoming Title Events
  • Title I Testing Workshop

    Please join us on Thursday, March 23rd at 8:30 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. as we help prepare your children for the quickly approaching Milestones Assessment. We will review effective strategies and tips in hopes of maximizing scores for the upcoming assessment. This event is targeted for grades 3-5.

    Let’s knock this test out of the park!!!

  • TitleI Revision Meeting

    Each year Title I supports and solicits engaging parents and families in the education of their children.  In addition to the system policies, each school develops, with the assistance of parents and community members, an individual Title I School-wide Plan, Parent Involvement Policy and Parent/School/Student Compact.  Parents of students in the Title I schools are invited to participate in the local school planning sessions held each year. 

              Currently, we are planning for our next school year, 2017-2018.  We are actively seeking parent participation and feedback as we revise the district Parent Involvement Policy, as well as Dames Ferry Elementary’s Title I School-wide Plan, Parental Involvement Policy and Parent/Student Compacts. Two planning sessions will be held to accommodate as many schedules as possible.  We are asking that you view and read the documents, which are posted on the school’s website, before attending the meetings.  At the meetings we will give an overview of each, answer questions and solicit feedback for possible revisions.  If you are unable to attend the meetings, we would still welcome your thoughts.  You can submit them via email to jbusch@jones.k12.ga.us.  You can also access a paper copy of each plan in the DFE office and submit your questions or comments for revision to Jackie Busch at Dames Ferry Elementary. 


    Our planning sessions will be held March 23rd at 1:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m..


    Thank you in advance for your support and involvement in your child’s education.  If you have any questions, please email me at jbusch@jones.k12.ga.us or call me at 478-986-2023.

  • Family Resource Center
    Please visit our Family Resource Center located in the main office lobby for information about our Title program and helpful parenting resources.  Our center is open from 7:30-4:00.
Title I Information for Dames Ferry Elementary
  • Calling all Volunteers!
    There are many ways to become involved in your child's school.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, please make plans to attend one of our volunteer training sessions. Several volunteer training sessions will be held throughout the year at DFE and at other schools in Jones County-be on the lookout for upcoming training dates.  Thank in you in advance for your support!  If you have any questions please email Jackie Busch at jbusch@jones.k12.ga.us or call at (478) 986-2023.
  • Important Notice Regarding Mandated Volunteer Training
    • Important Notice Regarding Mandated Volunteer Training
      During the past General Assembly, the population of those considered mandated reporters of child abuse expanded to include volunteers of services such as Care Treatment, Education, Training, Supervision, Coaching, Counseling, Recreational programs, and Shelters (OCGA 19-7-5).


      School volunteers fall into this expanded population and now are mandated reporters of child abuse in Georgia.  All school volunteers must complete a Child Abuse Mandated Reporting Protocol training prior to beginning any volunteer work.   School volunteers are considered to be individuals that work in any way with students or come in contact with students other than their own.  Examples of volunteering include, but are not limited to, tutors, chaperones, assisting in classrooms, club sponsors, or help with extra-curricular activities. 

Quick Links

Links & Resources

Here are some helpful math websites that feature tutorials and games children can play to practice important math skills.

math playground
Sheppard Software 

Family Engagement

Dames Ferry Elementary is not a Focus, Priority, or Alert School as defined by GaDOE's Accountability Waiver 

Faculty Credentials and Certification

In compliance with the requirements of the requirements of The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) the Jones County School System informs parents that you may request information about the professional qualifications of your student's teacher(s).  The following information may be requested:

  •  Whether teacher has met the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification for the grade level and subject area in which the teacher provides instruction;
  •  Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualifications or certification criteria have been waived;
  • The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;
  • Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualifications.

If you wish to request the information concerning your child's teacher's qualifications, please contact Mr. Clint Burston at (478) 986-2023.



Contact Information
  • Contact Information

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 986-2023, or you can
    send an email anytime to: jbusch@jones.k12.ga.us 

  • Homeless Liaison
    Dr. Trevis Killen
    Homeless Liaison for Jones County Schools


    Definition of Homeless Students
    Individuals whose nighttime residence is NOT:

    • Fixed-stationary, permanent and not subject to change
    • Regular-used on a predictable, routine, or consistent basis
    • Adequate-sufficient for meeting both the physical and psychological needs typically met in the home